Special Missions Training Branch (SMTB) Battle Course, MCB Camp Pendleton, CA

    Special Missions Training Branch (SMTB) Battle Course, MCB Camp Pendleton, CA

    • Location: MCB Camp Pendleton
    • Agency: U.S. Navy
    • Project Value: $18,450,000.00

    Project Description

    Reyes Construction was awarded the Special Missions Training Branch (SMTB) Battle Course project which consisted of the design and construction of a nominal 270 degree horizontal arc Tactical Automated Reaction Range/Urban Sniper Range to support sniper small arms training requirements. Construction includes a two-story Sniper House with attic and Control Tower with observation deck and lightning protection. Built-in equipment includes a public address system. Special items include 134 hard wired stationary infantry target (SIT) emplacements; 12 hard wired moving infantry target (MIT) emplacements; 10 Known Distance (KD) target carriages with Butts wall; and a two-story façade with targetry emplacements. Other facilities include KD firing lines at 183 meters and 274 meters (200 and 300 yards) from KD targets with room for 10 shooters, a concrete pad for portable toilets, and a covered bench.

    Paving and site improvements include paved access road and parking area, Class II base service road in target impact area, and storm water management features.

    Other site improvements include night training lights, lateral limit markers with lights and power outlets for thermal imaging connectors, power outlets at KD Butts wall for lights and maintenance equipment, electrical power to flagpole with warning beacon, and signs.