Structures & Bridges

    Firestone Blvd. Bridge Replacement, Norwalk, CA

    • Location: Norwalk, CA
    • Agency: City of Norwalk
    • Project Value: $7,586,492.60

    Project Description

    The Firestone Boulevard Bridge (Bridge No. 53C-1984) carries Firestone Boulevard over the San Gabriel River, at the adjoining city boundaries between Norwalk and Downey.  Firestone Boulevard is a major arterial roadway (Former State Route 42) and connects the City of Norwalk and the City of Downey.  It carries an average of 57,000 daily traffic trips.  The bridge was constructed in 1934 and widened in 1950.  It is a five-span reinforced concrete T-girder bridge with six traffic lanes.  The existing bridge structure is geometrically obsolete, with no shoulders, a 2-foot wide center median, and 3.5-foot sidewalks.  The reconstruction of Firestone Blvd. Bridge will involve the complete demolition of the existing bridge and the reconstruction of the new bridge will accommodate six lanes of traffic, a 10-foot center median, 8-foot shoulders, bike lanes and sidewalks. A concrete median, irrigation and planting and bridge lighting will also be constructed.  The purpose of the project is to enhance public safety and protect the San Gabriel River by replacing the existing Firestone Boulevard Bridge.

    Bolsa Chica Pedestrian Bridge

    • Location: Bolsa Chica, CA
    • Agency: California Wildlife Foundation
    • Project Value: $410,000.00

    Project Description

    In July 2009 Reyes Construction Inc was awarded the contract for the Bolsa Chica Pedestrian Bridge. Scope of work includes furnishing transportation, labor, material, equipment, engineering/design/approvals, and incidentals necessary to design, fabricate, construct and install the Steel Pedestrian Bridge Structure, including Bridge bearing pads and Signage, construction of the foundations supporting the Steel Pedestrian Bridge Structure, Walkway Approach Ramps to the Steel Pedestrian Bridge Structure, including all civil work, framing, rail foundations, walkway deck, and steel railings.

    Chevron Bridge Modification

    • Location: Paramount, CA
    • Agency: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    • Project Value: $1,577,027.00

    Project Description

    Construct a new steel utility bridge, concrete pier walls, abutments, grading, water diversion and control, bridge demolition, asphalt paving, slope concrete paving, and painting.

    Rio Hondo River Bridge Demolition

    • Location: Pico Rivera, CA
    • Agency: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    • Project Value: $1,887,120.00

    Project Description

    Reyes Construction performed a wood Bridge Demolition, concrete pier nose extensions, steel splash guards, pile driving and construction of a new steel pedestrian bridge.

    Oakcrest Golf Course Retaining Wall

    • Location: Chino Hills, CA
    • Agency: Lusk Homes/Pacific Teal LLC
    • Project Value: $1,132,000.00

    Project Description

    Work involves construction of reinforced concrete retaining wall varying in height from 12' to 32'. Wall also included a stone architectural finish and colored concrete. Responsibility also included over excavation and backfill, stepped footing, and shear key excavation.

    U.S./Mexico Border Concrete Bollard Fence

    • Location: U.S./Mexico Border
    • Agency: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    • Project Value: $3,143,512.00

    Project Description

    Reyes Construction installed 1.2 miles of 12" diameter Concrete Bollard fence with steel outriggers. This also included construction of pedestrian and vehicle gates, lighting system and access road.

    Union Pacific Railroad Sound Wall Improvements

    • Location: Montebello, CA
    • Agency: Union Pacific Railroad
    • Project Value: $1,360,000.00

    Project Description

    Reyes Construction, Inc. installed a 1716-foot sound wall, consisting of the precast concrete panel wall supported by cast-in-drilled-hole concrete piles. The wall panel is 8 feet long 12 inches tall and 2 inches thick, stacked up to achieve full wall height. The wall panel was finished with sand color brick on both sides at or near Saybrook Ave. and extending to Garfield Ave. in the City of Montebello.

    Piru Creek Bridge Widening

    • Location: City of Piru
    • Agency: CALTRANS
    • Project Value: $2,500,000.00

    Project Description

    Reyes Construction, Inc. widened an existing bridge by 40 feet on each side (80 feet total expansion) and 1,100 feet in length which spanned across Piru Creek. The scope of work included demolition; steel piling; riprap; concrete; paving; striping and markings; water diversion; and traffic control.

    Magic Mountain Parkway Bridge Construction

    • Location: Santa Clarita, CA
    • Agency: City of Santa Clarita
    • Project Value: $3,100,000.00

    Project Description

    Reyes Construction, Inc. build a new box-girder bridge 800 feet in length and 100 feet in width. RCI poured 2,300 CY of concrete for Soffit/Stem pour within an 8-hour period. The scope of work included: concrete piling; water/river diversion; rip rap; slope paving; barrier rail; installation of a 36-inch high-pressure gas main; reinforced concrete abutments; paving and striping.

    Bridge Modifications @ Atlantic Ave. & Artesia Fwy.

    • Location: Los Angeles County, CA
    • Agency: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    • Project Value: $3,692,738.00

    Project Description

    Reyes Construction, Inc. modified two (2) existing bridges at Atlantic Avenue and Artesia Freeway (CA 91). The scope of work included: installation and furnishing of pier nosing and diving, water diversion to the Los Angeles River, concrete piling, slope paving, shoring, rebar, concrete work, paving, striping and markings.

    Garvey Ave. Bridge Reconstruction over Rio Hondo Channel

    • Location: Rosemead, CA
    • Agency: City of Rosemead
    • Project Value: $10,897,555.00

    Project Description

    This project consists of the on-site replacement of the Garvey Avenue Bridge over the Rio Hondo Channel in the City of Rosemead, CA. The work includes the removal of the existing bridge consisting of five (5) piers, abutments, and uperstructure, as well as the removal and reconstruction of the existing pavement approaching the bridge, curb and gutter, driveways, sidewalks, construction of slough wall, ornamental fence and columns, street lighting, signing and striping. The new bridge has four (4) spans with a total length of 420 feet and total width of 100 feet. The exterior spans are 93 feet long, and the exterior spans are 117 feet long. The superstructure consists of 52 pre-cast, pre-stressed bulb-tee girders spliced at pier supports and cast-in-place concrete deck. Both pier walls and seat-type abutments are supported by pre-cast concrete driven piles.

    Park Blvd. @ Harbor Dr Pedestrian Bridge

    • Location: San Diego, CA
    • Agency: City of San Diego
    • Project Value: $21,672,531.00

    Project Description

    RCI to work with Designer T.Y. Lin International to Construct an Iconic Pedestrian Bridge. Under the direction of the City Centre Development Corporation (CCDC), a non-profit development corporation under contract to the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Diego, RCI will construct the $21,672,531 pedestrian bridge which spans 550 feet across the railroad right-of-way and Harbor Drive in the East Village Section of downtown San Diego. The bridge will connect directly to a third level parking structure adjacent to the new Hilton San Diego Convention Center Hotel. It will provide a safe crossing over heavily traveled Harbor Drive and existing train and trolley tracks, facilitating the completion of the vehicular intersection at Park Boulevard and Harbor Drive. The bridge will improve vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and will complete a 100-year old vision of a Park-to-Bay Link, connecting two important regional assets: Balboa Park and San Diego Bay.

    Seismic Retrofit & Painting of First Ave. Bridge Over Maple Ave.

    • Location: San Diego, CA
    • Agency: City of San Diego
    • Project Value: $7,059,635.00

    Project Description

    Reyes Construction, Inc. was awarded this project in October 2008. The Seismic Retrofit and Painting of First Avenue Bridge Over Maple Canyon is a historical steel arch bridge constructed in 1913 in the City of San Diego. The bridge structure is to be modified to comply with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) standards for seismic safety. The projects design goal for the bridge structure retrofit is to retain its current appearance with complying with The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties for Rehabilitation (The Standards). Construction retrofit activities include the following: removal and replacement of portions of the concrete deck and sidewalks; addition of "deadman" anchor blocks and restrainer rods behind the abutments; strengthen abutments One and Six by increasing stem thickness; construction of fill-in wall between left and right columns at Pier Two; strengthen the bottom concrete anchor bolt assemblies at Piers Three, Four, and Five; strengthen the bottom portions of the columns at Piers Three, and Four with steel tie plates and strengthen footings at Piers Three, Four, and Five with reinforced concrete encasement.    Rehabilitation measures that will be implemented in conjunction with the seismic retrofit will be: Lead paint abatement scheme and repainting of the structural steel and metal railing to the original bronze-powder color; replacement of the deteriorating asphalt concrete overlay on the bridge deck to be conducted with a polyester concrete overlay matching the original construction condition and replacement of the existing expansion joint metal; and replacement of the missing historic light structures.

    Georgia Street Bridge Retrofit and Rehabilitation, San Diego, CA

    • Location: San Diego, CA
    • Agency: San Diego
    • Project Value: $8,248,430

    Project Description


    Reyes Construction Inc. will seismically retrofit and rehabilitate the Georgia Street Bridge and retaining walls. The project also includes, but is not limited to traffic signal modification, roadway lowering, new street lights and curbs ramps.


    Burn Ash Retaining Wall Correia Middle School,San Diego, CA

    • Location: San Diego, CA
    • Agency: San Diego Unified School District
    • Project Value: $5,385,000.00

    Project Description

    Project consists of the construction of approximately 1,400 linear feet of sheet pile and concrete retaining wall, drainage brow ditch and cable railing, removal and replacement of 1,452 lineal feet of curb, gutter and sidewalk, one curb ramp, new irrigation lines and appurtenances for new irrigation services, 1,020 lineal feet of chain link fence, planting and irrigation and miscellaneous improvements to install a 2-feet thick soil cap over existing burn ash at the school site adjacent to and within City of San Diego Right-of-Way.

    NCMT Berth 24-10 Structural & Mooring Repairs, Port of San Diego

    • Location: National City, CA
    • Agency: Port of San Diego
    • Project Value: $6,132,000.00

    Project Description

    The project is structural rehabilitation of the reinforced concrete marginal wharf and mooring repairs at Berth 24-10. Work will consist of removing the asphalt pavement and constructing a new concrete, cast-in-place deck over the existing concrete deck, driving pipe-pile over 59 existing pre-stressed concrete piles, placing 3 jackets on existing concrete piles, demolishing and replacing the cap/edge beam, replacing the existing 50-ton double bits and cleats with new 100 ton bollards, replacing fenders and ladders, replacing 750 lineal feet of potable water lines, pits risers, and vaults; replacing existing electrical utilities and switchboard electrical equipment, and installing a storm-water treatment system.

    Firestone Blvd. Bridge Widening over LA River, South Gate, CA

    • Location: South Gate, CA
    • Agency: City of South Gate
    • Project Value: $4,979,158.00

    Project Description

    The Project is located on Firestone Boulevard between Rayo Ave and the I-710 freeway, over the Los Angeles River.  The general items of work include the portion of the bridge removal, construction of a new bridge, construction of new roadway pavement and associated signing, striping, lighting, providing for staged construction, and providing storm water pollution prevention controls.